Creators and Makers of Tasty Honest Goodness

Because What We Put In You Get Out

At Kool Organics we put passion, care and time into creating and producing our range of products because we believe that off-the-shelf food can be tasty, honest and good for you.

We develop organic handcrafted wholesome products because we want to make a difference.

Since 2017, a natural evolution of our passion for creating has put us on an extremely exciting and challenging path: plant-based, 100% dairy-free, vegan and organic alternatives to cheese.

Rosie & Riffy is our new brand for silky smooth, plant-based products. The main ingredient? Nuts. No dairy? Exactly right. Why? Nuts and plants nourish your body and are beneficial for our planet as an added bonus.

Full of flavour, using traditional cheese-making techniques, organically produced and plant-based: that’s Rosie & Riffy.