Creators and Makers of Tasty Honest Goodness

Because What We Put In You Get Out

At Kool Organics we believe that off-the-shelf food can be tasty honest and good for you. We put passion, care and time into creating and making because tasty honest goodness is what we want to share with you at home, work, with family and friends or just-on-the-go.

Kool Organics has spent the past three years developing a range of organic handcrafted wholesome breakfast products and snacks because we want to make a difference. We build on the natural growing of food by sprouting seeds and activating nuts prior to their use in our recipes. We create exciting and delicious new flavours and products by combining organic raw ingredients and using only a gentle drying process to preserve the integrity of the helpful enzymes and nutritional goodness. NOT baked, NOT fried but SLOW dried. And the only fats and sugars found in our products are those naturally occurring in the seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices that we use in our recipes.

It’s just handcrafted organic goodness. Breakfasting and snacking just got better with our range of granolas, nut-free, grain-free cereals, light, crispy crackers, seed and nut toppings as well as crunchy kale chips in season.

And we are not stopping there because we are committed to creating, making, innovating and improving so that we can keep making a difference.

Not baked, Not fried, Slow Dried.

Be Kool. Eat Cool.

Organic, gluten free, lactose free, sprouted seeds, activated nuts, source of protein, high in fibre, no artificial or refined sugars.